Design & Detailed Engineering

With varistor proper planning and engineering, it is easy to ensure the long durability of the plant with high performance. For solar plant electrical and structural, both parts play an important role, any wrong selection in term of structure or electrical equipment can increase developer’S /EPC’S problem and can decrease the plant durability.

What we cover in this service

General Layout and Design

  • General Array Layout
  • Fencing Design
  • Road and pathway layout and design
  • Illumination planning
  • Drainage system design
  • Module Cleaning System
  • Security and cabin
  • Equipment position

Electrical Design

  • Cable sizing & Calculation : Proper size of cable ensure the durability of cable
  • String combiner box design and rating – Proper fuse and IP protection
  • Voltage drop and Energy loss calculation – Less losses will increase the output
  • Proper string formation on dc side – Decrease the mismatch losses occur at dc side
  • Inverter Sizing and Overloading – With proper selection of inverter size and location
  • String Sizing : Proper string sizing can reduce the BOS cost and increase the generation
  • DC Route Design- Shortest DC route reduced the losses significantly
  • Grounding and Lightning Protection System Design – Earthing Resistance & Lightning Protection saves the plant from Lightning strokes and any malfunctioning of the plant
  • SCADA & Communication System Design – Data analysis is very valuable in plant monitoring
  • Grid Connectivity – Grid connection Plays an important role in plant proper operation
  • Equipment Selection

Civil & Structural Design

  • Geo Technical Survey Study & Analysis
  • MMS Foundation Design – Improper foundation design can become the reason of structure failure and should be design as per the soil condition of that area.
  • Structure Drawings – with right selection of structure member structure cost can be reduce and wind stability can improve at the same time
  • Fabrication Drawing – Fabrication will be easy and errorless with Fabrication drawing
  • Transformer and Inverter Foundations
  • Transmission line foundation design
  • Control Room and Security Cabin selection and design.
  • Equipment position

Truss Analysis & Stability check

  • Truss Dead Load Analysis
  • Truss Wind Load Analysis
  • Solar design with truss stability


  • Vendor management
  • Site management
  • Plant Audit
  • Chartered Engineer approval
  • Consultancy